Kobra is producing high quality brushes since 1888. What started as a small family business, has grown into a successful company with more than 30 employees.

In 2007, Kobra became a member of the international KOTI group, which includes brush specialists from all over Europe.

Kobra services the hygiene product market under its Kobra Hygienebürsten label, but also specializes in the manufacturing of technical brush solutions under its KOTI Kobra brand. A multitude of leading European businesses employs custom technical solutions designed and manufactured by KOTI Kobra in their production processes. In cooperation with quality brand HAGO, Kobra also produces custom floormats in every imaginable size.

No matter if you're interested in hygiene products for keeping your work environment clean or whether you're looking for a custom technical solution for your production process - get in touch and provide us with a challenge!

Current downloads for Kobra hygiene products:

Kobra Kefe Kobra Kefe

Kobra Kefe

Kobra Kartace Kobra Kartace

Kobra Kartace

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Ladislav Németh