Storing your cleaning products and tools on a Kobra shadow board doesn't just aid organisation, it also has many additional benefits:

  • Every tool has its own predetermined place. This cuts down on search times and makes your workflow more efficient.
  • Keeping your work environment clean is the foundation of quality and safety.
  • Stored on a shadow board, missing or defective tools can be identified more easily.
  • A structured workplace makes it easier to identify useless tools and thus reduces waste.
  • All in all, the organisation of your workplace can thus help you in optimizing the standards in your business.

Kobra shadow boards are as flexible as the conditions in your work environment: Thanks to our custom designs, you'll find a board for every requirement.

Custom labeling
Every shadow board can be labeled with its corresponding area of use.

Shadows for every type of tool
Every cleaning tool in our product range is compatible with our shadow boards - be it a supersize outdoor broom or a handy bottle brush. Additionally, on request, we even create custom shadows for your own tools of choice.

Article numbers on every shadow
For absolute certainty in tool allocation, the ID of every tool is printed on the shadow.

Flexible color selection
Both the background as well as (even individual) product shadows can be colored at will. This makes it easy to distribute tools corresponding to areas of use and aids in identifying missing tools even from afar.

Client-specific logos
Of course, every shadowboard can be outfitted with your company's logos.

Every product stays exactly where it belongs on the shadow board, yet retrieval is easy and convenient.

Every Kobra shadow board can be outfitted with our HACCP-conforming stainless steel tool mounts.

  • Thanks to the particularly robust design, this mounting system is perfectly suited for storing heavy tools. The hook shape of the mounts eliminates unwanted tilting of the product when stored.
  • Since the hooks aren't mounted on rails, but are fixed to the wall individually, both mounts and products can be placed according to requirements, allowing for a more efficient use of space when compared to other mounting solutions.

Kobra shadow baords are fixed to the wall with HACCP-conforming mounting strips and can be removed and reinstalled without the use of any tools.

This facilitates thorough cleaning even behind the board without any complex disassembly of the shadow board.