Innovating the brush market since 130 years, we supply customers of all branches with professional hygiene brushes, custom technical brush solutions as well as tools for efficient work space organization.

Kobra brushes are in use wherever hygiene is critical - from small businesses to big industry, for dealing with fine-grained contaminations or getting rid of large-scale and stubborn dirt. Classic broom and brush products aside, our product range covers a wide spectrum of specialized tools designed to support you in upholding the highest standards in your work environment.

Kobra hygiene brushes are HACCP-conforming and comply to all relevant EU regulations.

The Kobra hygiene product range fulfills the requirements of all different branches and includes many specialized solutions - from flour brushes for the baking industry to instrument brushes for the medical industry. It's not for nothing that Kobra hygiene brushes are being used by many branch leaders in Austria and Europe.

Among others, our clients include:

Teekanne Gmundner Milch Backaldrin
Chemie- & Pharmaziebranche Chemie- & Pharmaziebranche

Chemie- & Pharmaziebranche

Lebensmittel- & Getränkeerzeugung Lebensmittel- & Getränkeerzeugung

Lebensmittel- & Getränkeerzeugung

Reinigungsbranche Reinigungsbranche


Landwirtschaft & Industrie Landwirtschaft & Industrie

Landwirtschaft & Industrie

Kobra hygiene products comply with EU regulation 2004/852 for the hygiene of food products, 2004/1935 & 2011/10 for items in contact with food products as well as 2007/19 for testing the migration of the constituents of plastic materials.

Additionally, our products comply with the "Food Hygiene Regulation, the requirements of the US Federal Drug Administration for chemicals in the food industry as well as the charta of the FEIBP**

(link: # text: norm-conforming)

Almost all Kobra hygiene products are available a variety of different colors. This doesn't just aid in workplace organisation, but also supports users in allocating tools to different areas of use - thus drastically reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

For an even more efficient workplace setup, you can make use of our custom made Kobra shadow boards.

All tools in the hygiene product range can also be ordered in our webshop. There, the convenient and easy to use filter system will aid you in finding the exact product for your needs: Nearly all products are categorized by type of contamination, work surface as well as specialized intended use.

Alternatively, you can grab our catalog as a PDF download.

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